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Troubleshooting Tips

If you are having difficulty redeeming a voucher, check the following common errors before contacting us, please:

1. Check your voucher has not expired. All vouchers have strict expiry dates on them.

2. Some voucher codes are not very clear - it is easy to get some digits confused: for example, a zero can look very similar to a capital letter O, and a capital letter I can be mistaken for a number 1. This is the most common error.

3. Check you have copied the code down exactly - we recommend you copy and paste to avoid typing errors.

4.Some mobile devices (tablets, iPads etc) do not fully process the registration/voucher redemption. We recommend you initially register/redeem a voucher code on a desktop PC or laptop. A mobile device can be used thereafter to access the course by logging in with your details provided at registration. This is the second most common issue experienced.

4. If the total does not change after entering your voucher code, either you have not clicked APPLY (next to the voucher field) or the code you have entered is invalid.

5. If you have entered and applied a valid voucher code but the total still shows a balance owing, check that you have selected the correct number of items.


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