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ASSESSMENTS: Hover your mouse over the heading of this page to reveal the drop-down list of each module assessment. Take on-line, in one sitting. Ensure all fields are completed to avoid disqualification.

First Novel Masterclass Course:

These courses require no prerequisite experience in writing and can be completed at your own pace, with no time limits. Write your first novel as you follow the course!

First Novel Masterclass Course          £349 (incl. personal tutor support and certificate of completion)                                                                            


First Novel Masterclass Course provides budding writers with all the support and guidance required to write successful novels. Covering topics from how to get started, how to organise your research, write convincing dialogue and decide on what type of novel to tackle, to how to avoid the pitfalls when submitting manuscripts and selling your novel.                                    

An extensive range of information is presented in a comprehensible, easy-to-follow, methodical style with an abundance of helpful hints and tips to assist you through the daunting (yet exciting) journey of creating your first novel for publishing (or simply for pleasure). Every lesson is packed with imaginative ideas. 

The course consists of 10 modules. Each module comprises one written lesson covering a variety of topics and one assessment test containing nine multiple choice questions plus one short written assessment which is marked by a personal assessor. The tests in each module are free, but you should attain an average of at least 70% to pass the course. The number of tests undertaken in any one module is limited to once only. Even if you fail a module you may still pass the course if you perform better in other modules - you will still be able to complete the course but you will only gain a certificate - students who do not pass the course will not be eligible to attend an award ceremony.

Manuscript Critique:                                                                   £70 NEW
The manuscript critique offers an assessment of the premise of the story and a concise opinion on the main areas on which authors want unbiased, constructive criticism:

  1. Does my manuscript have any merits?
  2. Is my book up to publishing/marketing standard?

Developing a book involves significant investments in time, effort and, in some cases, money. Before potentially heading off on the wrong track, it is a good idea to find out whether the manuscript has enough strengths to carry it forward.

What the service entails:

  • appraise the synopsis (outline) of your book and three chapters: the first, one from the middle and the final chapter.
  • assessment of the strengths and weaknesses as well as your writing style and ability as a writer.
  • receive a report of one to two pages covering aspects such as whether your book can be developed further, and suggestions of how you may do so.
  • assessment of whether the manuscript would have potential interest to a publisher and to readers.

This is not a proof-read or edit of the manuscript itself, but these may be recommended as part of the critique. 
Please allow 3 weeks, at busy times, for us to carry out and return your critique.

Specialised Supplementary Modules, for First Novel Masterclass.

Students will be able to tailor their novel to their preferred genre. They may take as many specialist modules as they like. Some books cross more than one genre, so it is advantageous to learn the tricks on how to meet the readers' expectations.

Romance Novel                                                                                                      £35 NEW

Thriller (& Suspense and Mystery) Novel                                                             £35 NEW

Children's Novel                                                                                                      £35 New

coming soon...

Fantasy and Science Fiction                                                                                 £35

Crime Novels                                                                                                          £35 

Action and Adventure Novels                                                                                £35

Historical Novels                                                                                                     £35 

Male Interest Fiction                                                                                               £35

Women's Interest Fiction                                                                                       £35                                      

First Non-Fiction Masterclass Course (full course)                                            £300 (including certificate of completion) 

To enrol on any of our courses, click HERE and select the course you are interested in.
Your application will be processed immediately, enabling you to commence your course without delay.
*Successful students who complete and pass the writing courses (only) will be invited to informal special award ceremonies which will take place at different times of the year. Each student will be notified of the dates/venues upon graduating from their course. A small fee will be requested for attendance at these ceremonies for students and their families.
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