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We provide a range of life-enriching, well presented courses created by a published author, former award winning international publisher, artist, teacher and mind therapist. These cover a variety of subjects from art therapy, for personal stress management, to writing your first novel.

Our exciting, new, writing masterclass courses are for everyone who has ever dreamed of writing a book. We all reach a point in our lives when we feel we have at least one book in us waiting to get out, so why not give wings to your words and set them free...

These comprehensive courses enable you to learn the secrets of how to become a prolific writer and ultimately a successful author.

You may desire the financial rewards and recognition of becoming a best-selling novelist, or, you may simply want the joy of writing the story of your life for your own pleasure. Whatever your reason for wanting to write, these courses are for you.

In our in-depth, step-by-step courses, you will learn everything you need to know to write successful novels. You choose whether that is for pleasure or profit!

Upon successful completion of the course, and attaining a minimum standard of achievement in the assessment tests, you will be awarded a beautiful certificate of completion with your pass grade shown. You will be able to choose between receiving this certificate at a special award ceremony* where you will have the opportunity to meet with other successful course participants, or have it emailed to you to download and print.

Our courses can be followed on site or in the comfort of your own home (home study course).

Overview of courses provided

Home Study:

These courses require no prerequisite experience in writing/art and can be completed at your own pace, with no time limits.

Therapy courses - these six module therapeautic courses explore the power of art or words and how they can become a vehicle for creative self-expression and therefore enhance our sense of personal well-being. In recent years, academic research has shown that the creative arts provide a powerful medium in which to explore and express complex feelings and ideas. This creative process reveals that there is an interconnection between psychology and self-expression. Through engaging in personal artwork/writing, we seek to express and illuminate the 'human condition'. These courses will touch on some of the psychological theories relating to reflection and personal development.

Stress Management Writing Therapy (six module e-course)                          £70

Stress Management Art Therapy  (six module e-course)                                £70 

Lifestyle courses:  

Perfect Life Masterclass (daily activity workbook/guide)                                             £40 For a limited time ONLY £20 (save £20)

Recreational courses:

First Novel Masterclass Course  (click for more details)                                  £349 (including certificate of completion)

Manuscript Critique                                                                                           £70 new

A critique assesses your book, looking at structure, writing style and content. See here for more details.

Specialised Supplementary Modules, for First Novel Masterclass:

Romance Novel                                                                                                      £35 new

Thriller (& Suspense and Mystery) Novel                                                             £35 new

Children's Novel                                                                                                      £35 new                                                                                                                                                                 

coming soon...

Fantasy and Science Fiction                                                                                 £35

Crime Novels                                                                                                          £35 

Action and Adventure Novels                                                                                £35

Historical Novels                                                                                                     £35 

Male Interest Fiction                                                                                               £35

Women's Interest Fiction                                                                                       £35                                      

First Non-Fiction Masterclass Course (full course)                                            £300 (including certificate of completion)


Students can request Tutor Support for the above courses by emailing:
support@heartofbliss.co.uk  or via our Contact Us page.

To enrol on any of our courses, click HERE and select the course you are interested in.

*Successful students who complete and pass the writing courses (only) will be invited to informal special award ceremonies which will take place at different times of the year. Each student will be notified of the dates/venues upon graduating from their course. A small fee will be requested for attendance at these ceremonies for students and their families.
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